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Is it time to replace your car battery?

If your car battery goes flat for no reason, it may be time to get your battery replaced. As an essential part of your car, getting a new car battery is an expense we can't avoid, but we can make the process as quick and easy as possible for you.


Contact Karparts if you are located in Cheltenham or the surrounding areas.

Are you finding it difficult to start your car?

Whether it is ignition problems or other electrical issues, the battery can affect your motoring experience. Karparts offers a wide range of different products to find you the perfect replacement. We stock new batteries for all models and we are authorised stockists of Lucas batteries. Contact us for all your car battery requirements if you are located in Cheltenham or the surrounding areas.

Our battery services include

  • Free alternator check

  • Car battery repairs

  • Car battery disposal

  • Car battery recycling

  • Stockists of Lucas battery

  • Fault checking

  • Free replacement of distilled water

For more information about finding the correct battery for your vehicle, contact Karparts on

01242 572 638

Suppliers of Lucas Batteries

  • Classic Range with 2 years guarantee

  • Premium Range Heavy Duty with 3 years guarantee


We also order in batteries for:

  • Commercial vehicles

  • Motor cycles

  • Mobility vehicles

  • Golf trolleys

  • Garden & agricultural machinery